Tanzania’s YouTube Titans: Top 5 Channels with Over 1 Billion Views

Tanzania is one of the countries in the East African region with a large number of people who enjoy using social networks, including YouTube. Over the past ten years, YouTube growth has been remarkable and continues to surge since its launch in 2005, largely due to the widespread adoption of smartphones and electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, and smart TVs.

Consequently, YouTube has become one of the most popular websites in Tanzania. Despite the high cost of data bundles, it has not deterred people from watching a variety of videos on the platform.

Among the favorite content categories for Tanzanian YouTube viewers are music videos, news, informative content, sports, and comedy. In September 2023, only five accounts in Tanzania reached one billion views.

1. Diamond Platnumz: Views 2,285,030,121

Top 5 Channels with Over 1 Billion Views

Diamond is a new-generation artist who has gained worldwide fame. He is among the artists who have brought significant economic changes to Tanzania. His presence has acted as a catalyst for many artists to enter the music business and achieve personal growth.

Diamond Platnumz boasts one of the largest followings in Africa. His notable albums include “Kamwambie” (2010), “A Boy from Tandale” (2018), and “First Of All” (2022). Beyond music, Diamond Platnumz is also a prominent businessman in Tanzania, serving as the director of Wasafi Media and Wasafi Bet.

2. Millard Ayo: Views 1,760,161,578

Top 5 Channels with Over 1 Billion Views

Millard Ayo is an icon for many young journalists in Tanzania, known for his expertise in journalism. He has worked at Wapo radio, Radio One, and currently at Clouds FM. Ayo TV has become a trusted source for reliable news.

His YouTube channel has attracted a global audience, including recognition from major media outlets like CNN in the United States. Millard Ayo is dedicated to providing news, informative content, and interviews with various individuals to inform and educate the community.

3. Global TV Online: Views 1,469,622,396

Top 5 Channels with Over 1 Billion Views

Global TV Online is a prominent media outlet managed by renowned Tanzanian writer and current Member of Parliament, Mr. Erick Shigongo. Initially known for providing various news, including gossips, it remains one of the most trusted media sources in Tanzania.

The channel is renowned for its talented writers and presenters with exceptional abilities and talents. Additionally, it owns an online radio station known as +255 Global Radio, newspapers, and a well-known website Global Publishers.

4. Dar News TV: Views 1,076,195,413

Top 5 Channels with Over 1 Billion Views

Dar News TV focuses on entertainment and various articles, primarily revolving around humor and discussions related to sex.

It has gained immense popularity, reflecting the preferences of its viewers. Although the number of viewers dropped in September for unknown reasons, it remains one of Tanzania’s favorite channels with over 1 billion views.

5. Wasafi Media: Views 1,022,406,255

Top 5 Channels with Over 1 Billion Views

Wasafi Media is a news agency founded by Diamond Platnumz and established in 2018. In just five years, it reached over 1 billion views on YouTube, marking a significant achievement in Tanzania’s media landscape. Wasafi Media also operates TV broadcasts under Wasafi TV and a radio station known as Wasafi FM.

Views on YouTube translate into income for content creators. A substantial number of views also serves as a income source through YouTube’s AdSense program.

Through views, viewers are exposed to various commercial advertisements. Therefore, the channels listed above are among the top earners on YouTube in Tanzania.

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