50 List of the most popular websites in Tanzania 2021

Are you looking for a list of the most popular websites in Tanzania 2021? 

Tanzania is one of the east african countries whose people like to visit online in large numbers. The increasing use of digital devices has made many websites visited daily.

People have been using computers and smart phones at a higher rate in recent days than before. This situation has brought great awareness to the country, especially for young people. Alexa’s largest network provides the most visited web data in the world. Today we will be able to find out which websites in Tanzania are the most visited. This list will include the top 50 for July figures

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50 List of the most popular websites in Tanzania 2021

  1. Google.com      
  2. Youtube.com    
  3. Facebook.com
  4. Yahoo.com        
  5. Tra.go.tz             
  6. Wikipedia.org   
  7. Jamiiforums.com            
  8. Premierbet.co.tz             
  9. Heslb.go.tz        
  10. Instagram.com 
  11. Mabumbe.com
  12. Microsoft.com 
  13. Betpawa.co.tz  
  14. Netflix.com       
  15. Ajira.go.tz          
  16. Blogger.com      
  17. Stackoverflow.com        
  18. Ega.go.tz             
  19. Sportpesa.co.tz               
  20. Amazon.com    
  21. Gov.go.tz           
  22. Yts.mx 
  23. Live.com             
  24. Google.co.tz     
  25. Y2mate.com      
  26. Savefrom.net   
  27. Zoom.us             
  28. Necta.go.tz        
  29. Ilovepdf.com    
  30. Xvideos.com     
  31. Beforward.jp    
  32. Tripadvisor.com               
  33. Bing.com            
  34. Researchgate.net           
  35. Cloudsmediatz.com       
  36. Udsm.ac.tz        
  37. Out.ac.tz             
  38. Sofascore.com 
  39. Cwprojects.xyz
  40. Citimuzik.com   
  41. Brela.go.tz         
  42. Grammarly.com              
  43. Tamisemi.go.tz
  44. Safaribookings.com       
  45. Meridianbet.co.tz           
  46. Whatsapp.com
  47. Udemy.com      
  48. Djmwanga.com
  49. WordPress.com               
  50. Bimamobile.com

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