8 Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs in 2021!

Are you looking for the highest-paying entry-level jobs? There are lots of entry-level jobs around the world that have the Highest Paying.

And entry-level jobs are those that do not require previous experience in the field. Having “no experience” in a job means you have not held any positions similar to the one you are considering.

While the best job for most people depends on the skills they have, interests, goals, core values, and level of education. The following are 8 high-paying, entry-level jobs as you begin your job search.

Video By: Shane Hummus – The Success GPS

8 Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs in 2021!

  1. Data Scientist:  Approximately $149,955 per year (TZS 348,000,000)
  2. Software Engineer: Approximately $108,242 per year (TZS 250,000,000)
  3. Product Manager: Approximately $100,620 per year (TZS 233,000,000)
  4. Investment Banking Analyst: Approximately $92,191 per year (TZS 214,000,000)
  5. Product Designer: Approximately $92,084 per year (TZS 213,000,000)
  6. UX Designer:  Approximately $91,032 per year (TZS 211,000,000)
  7. Implementation Consultant: Approximately $73,132 per year (TZS 169,000,000)
  8. Java Developer:  Approximately $69,722 per year (TZS 162,000,000)

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