All Telephone Numbers Codes in Tanzania

Telephone numbers in Tanzania are issued under the regulations of the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA). This authority issues licenses for telecommunications service companies as well as telephone and internet. Its principles govern the formats of telephone numbers.

Number formats

The (normal) wireless network within a local network is dialed by its unique number. If it is located in a different area it must precede the area number, for example for Dar es Salaam 022 or for Dodoma 026. For example, telephone number 667788 of Dar es Salaam is reached from the regions by 022 667788.

Mobile phones are always available through corporate network numbers at 0624112233.

Calling numbers abroad requires an international number. International numbers are preceded by 00 or +. The zero of the area number is left here. Calling the Tanzanian number from abroad is preceded by 00255 followed by the area number or network without zero.

The normal maximum number from overseas is +255 (equivalent to 00255) 22 667788. To dial a higher number from overseas you must use +255 (equivalent to 00255) 624 11 22 33.
Regional numbers in Tanzania

For communication within Tanzania regional numbers are preceded by “0”. To access a call from abroad there is an international number 00255 (equivalent to +255) followed by a regional number without 0 and a telephone number.

Areas with their numbers

  • (22) Dar es Salaam
  • (23) Coast, Kibaha, Kisarawe, Lindi, Morogoro, Mtwara
  • (24) Zanzibar (Unguja & Pemba)
  • (25) Mbeya, Rukwa, Ruvuma
  • (26) Dodoma, Iringa, Nzega, Singida, Tabora
  • (27) Arusha; Kilimanjaro, Moshi, Tanga
  • (28) Bukoba, Kagera, Kigoma, Mara, Mwanza, Shinyanga

Mobile phone numbers

These numbers start at 6 or 7 and have 9 digits (without zero).

Tanzania Mobile Phones number and their Company

  • (+255/00255) 062: Halotel (Viettel)
  • (+255/00255) 065 TIGO (Mobitel)
  • (+255/00255) 066 Smile Communications Tanzania Limited
  • (+255/00255) 067 TIGO (Mobitel)
  • (+255/00255) 068 Airtel Tanzania Limited
  • (+255/00255) 069 Airtel Tanzania Limited
  • (+255/00255) 071 TIGO (Mobitel)
  • (+255/00255) 073 TTCL Tanzania Telecommunications Company Ltd
  • (+255/00255) 074 Vodacom (Celtel)
  • (+255/00255) 075 Vodacom (Celtel)
  • (+255/00255) 076 Vodacom (Celtel)
  • (+255/00255) 077 Zantel (Zanzibar Telecom Ltd)
  • (+255/00255) 078 Airtel Tanzania Limited


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