Chuo Cha Utumishi wa Umma | The Tanzania Public Service College (TPSC) is a Technical Institutions in Tanzania was established in 2000 under the ambit of the Executive Agencies Act No 30 of 1997.

The aim of it’s establishment was to fill an extant void in terms of a comprehensive training facility for Public Service, to meet the changing needs of the Public Services resulted from the Public Service Reforms, and the need for an autonomous financially sustainable public service College.

The customers of TPSC include; central and local government, independent departments, executive agencies; secondary school leavers, the general public and private sector.

Kozi Zinazotolewa na Chuo cha Utumishi Tanzania

Currently, TPSC has Six Campuses strategically located in Dar es Salaam, Tabora, Mtwara, Singida, Tanga and Mbeya to be close to its customers countrywide.

The Institute is offering Basic Technician Certificate, Diploma, and Bachelor Degree Programmes suitable for public and private sectors in its campuses.

Recently, TPSC adopted the Competence-Based Education and Training (CBET) approach as the way forward, because of that will able to attain the quality of education and training that meets the demands of a dynamic and permanently changing labour market.

TPSC has redesigned its website to take in to consideration the various improvements taking place in its core activities.

So, their site is an informative tool to inform and educated the general public about the Tanzania Public Service College (TPSC).

Chuo Cha Utumishi wa Umma | All Programmes Offerered by TPSC

Zifuatazo ni Kozi Zinazotolewa na Chuo cha Utumishi Tanzania (TPSC)

Long Programmes By Chuo Cha Utumishi wa Umma

Basic Technician Certificate (NTA 4) in 

  1. Information Technology (BTCIT)
  2. Public Procurement and Supplies Management (BTCPPSM)
  3. Local Government Administration (BTCLGA)
  4. Public Administration (BTCPA)
  5. Records Management (BTCRM)
  6. Secretarial Studies (BTCSS)
  7. Human Resource Management (BTCHRM)

Diploma Programmes (NTA 5 & 6)  in

  1. Law (DLAW)
  2. Public Sector Financial Management (DPSFM)
  3. Accountancy (DAC)
  4. Information Technology (DIT)
  5. Public Procurement and Supplies Management (DPSM)
  6. Local Government Administration (DLGA)
  7. Public Administration (DPA)
  8. Secretarial Studies (DSS)
  9. Records Management (DRM)
  10. Human Resource Management (DHRM)

Degree Programmes in

  1. Records, Archives and Information Management
  2. Secretarial Studies and Management

Short Programmes By Chuo Cha Utumishi wa Umma

  1. Public Assets Management and Inventory Control
  2. Effective Office Management and Administration Skills
  3. Inventory Management Skills
  4. Electronic Filling Management System for Middle Level Officials
  5. Crisis Communication in the Public Service for Senior Officials
  6. Internation Auditing Skills on Risk Management Governance and Internal Control
  7. Public Spealomg and Presentation Skills
  8. Induction Programmes for New Employees in the Public Service
  9. Mafunzo ya Uongozi na Utawala kwa Madiwani
  10. Capacity Building on Office Management and Protocal Etiquette
  11. Telephone Communication Skills
  12. E-Records Mnagement in the Public Service
  13. Protocol Skills and Etiquettes
  14. Labour Relations and Labour Law
  15. Communication in the Public Service
  16. Supervisory Skills for Line Managers
  17. Special Course for Office Assistants and Drivers
  18. Strategic Negotioation Skills
  19. Monitoring and Evalution
  20. Job Analysis and Evaluation
  21. Managerial Skills for Secretaries
  22. Electronic Filling Management System for Governent Offcials
  23. Pre – Retirement Planning
  24. OPRAS
  25. Effective Human Resources Planning and Employees Engagement
  26. Records and Information Management
  27. Ethis and Customer Care for Operational
  28. Ethics, Good Governance and Accountability
  29. Procurement and Contract Management
  30. Effective Stategic Planning
  31. Communication and Report Writing Skills
  32. Speech and Report Writing Skills
  33. Strategic Financial Management
  34. Customer Care & Complaints Handling Skills

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