How to Buy a Domain Name from Bluehost

How to Buy a Domain Name from Bluehost | A domain name is the address where users who are online can access your website. It is used for finding and identifying webpages on the Internet. Sometimes domain name is known as URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or web address.
If you want to make money and generate much traffic easily, the right domain name can be worth the investment. More than anything else, a domain name can increase awareness of your brand.
Free domains like those ending with and are not safe to use for business or serious projects. They associated with many risks and they look unprofessional as well.
Domain name are registered on a yearly basis. Though, you can pre-pay for up to 10 years which guarantees that you will have a domain name for 10 years.
To purchase domain name you need to check if it is available. Use search bar from domain provider to see what website domains are available in seconds. When the search is complete, if your domain name is available, you’ll be directed to the next step of purchase it.
On the other hand, if your domain name isn’t available, domain provider can provide several variations and extensions of that domain name for you to choose from.

How to Buy a Domain Name from Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the largest website hosting providers that offers both hosting and domain names. The platform helps to make it easy to manage website, domains and email all together.
Through Bluehost account you can register new domain names you choose and transfer domains you already own right.
The steps below show how to buy a domain name from Bluehost easily.

1. Go To

Buy Domain Bluehost
The first step in buying domain name like .com, .NET or .org with Bluehost is to visit the Bluehost site by clicking here.  This provider offers fast access to features and is really easy to use. The security features on Bluehost services are flat-out excellent. Therefore Bluehost is recommended to buy domain name and to host your website or blog.

2. Click the Domains menu to find if your domain is available

There are a couple ways to check if a domain you want is available, that means never taken. To start with, type the URL example into search bar and click Check, Bluehost will inform you if the domain is available or not.
Scroll down the list and click the shopping cart icon for any domain you’d like to add to your cart.
Buy Domain on Bluehost 2021
Proceed in order to pay for the domain service you want to have. You can add or remove domain privacy + protection service. Privacy and protection service is a Bluehost service that will hide your personal contact information from the public WHOIS database and replace it with generic Bluehost contact information instead.

3. Filling bill and Payment information

Fill your bill information like first name, last name, country, street address, phone number and more then proceed.
Buy Domain Bluehost
Also fill out payment information. Once you have entered your billing information make sure you accept the terms and conditions and click on the green submit button. You have now successfully purchased hosting from Bluehost.
Bluehost is able to accept all major credit cardsPayPal Instant Payments or purchase orders. Make sure you have all important information for your payment method you choose.

4. Setup Your Domain Name to your Website

Setting up a domain name may be easier than you may think. Once your domain name is registered, you need to connect it to your hosting server or blogger. The best thing from Bluehost, when you sign up for hosting services, you’ll get a free domain.
When you pick Bluehost as your domain provider, the ability to make a fully customizable website is given. Choose Bluehost today as your domain provider.

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