How To Create an App for Free Without Coding

Creating mobile app for iPhone and Android without code is easier than ever. A well-designed mobile app can help to perform actions much quicker in contrast to websites.

There are many fastest-growing app building platforms in the World like Swing2App and Appypie.

How to create your own apps with Swing2App | This is a mobile app creation tool that allows users without programming skills to create an app for almost any platform and publish it. 

It is the first company to operate automatic app creation service in Korea and it is the best for largest number of apps.

Swing2App create Android and iOS Mobile App without using any code. Get started on creating your mobile app today without any coding skills by Swing2App 

Steps on how to create own apps with Swing2App.

These steps will help to create a mobile app in just 5 minutes.

Step 1: Search for Swing2App then click Get Started.

How To Create an App for Free Without Coding

Step 2: Sign Up.

How To Create an App for Free Without Coding  2020

Sign Up and start to create your app without any coding knowledge. After sign up through your email address, the link will be sent for verification:

Step 3: Verify your Email (Confirmation)

In this step please you need to verify your email to complete the subscription and to confirm the validity of your email address.

How To Create an App for Free Without Coding  2020

You nee just to click on the link in that email sent to you to complete your signup.

If it happens you don’t see the email, you may need to check your spam folder. But if you have already verified, you can go to the login page. 

Step 4: Automatic Building of App

How To Create an App for Free Without Coding  2020

Start building your app by filling App ID and App Name, Also in this step you need to upload App icon and Splash screen.

Where by App ID should have a minimum of six characters either alphabet or alphanumeric.

App name is the name of your app that will be shown on the app install screen, app list and market as well. 

Step 5: Upload App icon and Splash screen.

App icon is a visual anchor for your app and the recommended size for the icon is 1024x1024px.

Splash screen appears briefly when the app is launched and the size recommended is 2282x2282px.

You can use photoshop to create or set icon and splash.

Step 6: Designing themes. 

How To Create an App for Free Without Coding  2020

This is a collection of designs and stylesheets that you can use to define the appearance and display of your app that are powered by Swing2App.

Step 7: Main and Menu Management.

How To Create an App for Free Without Coding

In this step you need to set menu according to the theme you selected in step 6. You need to customize Home screen, menu type the save to continue.

Step 8: Building App and Download it.

This will be the last step that you will request to build app after menu configuration.

The process will take not more than 5 minutes then download the App you created and test app after downloading. Apply for Google Play Store and App Store.

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