How to Design Simple 2021 Calendar by using MS Publisher | Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application where by the program is focusing on the design and layout of pages.

Things that you can design by Microsoft Publisher includes  newsletters, business cards, greeting cards, calendars and much more.

How to Design Simple 2021 Calendar by using MS Publisher

You can customize a calendar in MS Publisher with the date ranges from 1900 to 2200 with the options to show either one month or an entire year on each page.

Steps on Creating the 2021 calendar

  1. Open MS Publisher

    To open Microsoft Publisher program, go to the Start menu or click start button and then choose Microsoft Office-Microsoft Publisher in ProgramsOpen Ms Publisher

  2. Click File Menu.

    After clicking on the File menu, click New. Click Publication Type, and then click Calendars or you can click Calendars in Publisher 2007, under Most to create calendar in publisher

  3. Choose Type of Calendar that you want to Create.

    Calendars are categorized by different type for example, accent box, art right, capsules, Broadway and to create calendar in publisher

  4.  Create

    Before creating your calendar change some options in the task pane at right hand side. You can change color scheme, font scheme, page orientation, and time frame by showing whether one month or one year per calendar page. Remember to Set Calendar Dates with the year you want to create your calendar.

    In order to include a schedule of events in your calendar, you have to select the Include schedule of events check box.

    Now Click Create to create your to create calendar in publisher

  5. Customize Your Design

    When your calendar is created, you can customize it by editing text you want to use in your calendar or inserting your own picture. You can also change color and so to create calendar in publisher 2021


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