How To Get NECTA Results through SMS

How To Get NECTA Results through SMS | The National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) has responsibility of announcing the results for all National Examination Type. The objectives of these examinations are to assess students’ skills and knowledge achieved in different subjects or courses primary school, secondary school and colleges.

The Examination Type includes

  • Standard Four National Assessment (SFNA)
  • Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)
  • Form Two National Assessments (FTNA)
  • Qualifying Test (QT)
  • Certificate of Secondary Education Examination(CSEE)
  • Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE)
  • Grade A Teachers Certificate Examination (GATCE) and others

Steps on How To Get NECTA Results through SMS

How To Get NECTA Results through SMS
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As many people struggle to get their NECTA results due to many challenges includes availability of internet services. The steps below will simplify people to have the NECTA results easily.

  1. Dial * 152 * 00 #

    Use your phone to dial the codes above then Government services will appear.

  2. Select number 8. Elimu

    In this option, you will see 1. SUA, 2. NECTA. In order to see your NECTA results just ignore option number 1.

  3. Select the number 2.NECTA

    You will see the Word “KARIBU NECTA” then go to step 4 below to continue.

  4. Select the service type 1. MATOKEO

    In this step, you have to select the only option available that is Matokeo to see the results.

  5. Select Examination Type

    This step will show you Examination Type “AINA ZA MITIHANI” and you have to select your Examination type, for example 2.ACSEE

  6. Enter Index Number and Year

    You have to enter your index number and Year of your completion For Example: S0334-0556-2019

  7. Select Payment Type

    This will be the last step where by Cost per SMS is Tshs 100 / =. Upon completion of payment you will receive a short message of results

Thanks! For more information visit NECTA Website.

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