ARPA Advisor-SHL & TPDF Programs

Job Summary:
The ARPA Program Advisor for SHL and TPDF programs responsibilities shall be to advise the program
leadership on the strategies and carry out the day to day activities focusing on responses against the COVID-19
pandemic in all 4 HJFMRI/PEPFAR supported regions in the Southern Highlands Zone of Tanzania and to over
47 Military supported facilities in Tanzania. S/he will also be responsible for addressing COVID-19 related
issues within HJFMRI. S/he will be responsible for addressing losses in pediatrics at CTCs due to COVID-19,
sustain gain on all program achievement in case finding, linkage, and continuity of treatment and combat
interruption to treatment and MMS; also plan the facilitation of program supports on COVID-19 case detection
and management; purchase and distribution of IPC/PPEs for program and facility staff, provision of oxygen
therapy support to facilities and the program, coordination of laboratory activities for PCR diagnostics and
genetic sequencing, provision of TA for vaccine rollout, supply chain and expansion of community ART
distribution as well as pediatric retention in all the supported facilities in SHL and 47 Military facilities across
the country.
This position requires advanced knowledge and skills in medicine, molecular biology, virology, and
microbiology in addition to competency in epidemiology and public health. The candidate should show a high
understanding of the clinical aspects of COVID-19 and related global and national situations, guidelines, SOP,
and health policies. The incumbent shall work as part of the team contributing to the PEPFAR goals and
objectives of HJFMRI. This position reports to the Program Research Director. The incumbent shall be subjected
to 40% travel within SHL supported regions
Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
 Work closely with the Direct supervisor in budgets and work plan reviews to agree with the HJFMRI
targets and GoT for focused support in fighting against COVID-19
 Represent HJFMRI to the national and regional level COVID-19 related meetings and scientific
 Develop guidelines and strategies for implementation of COVID-19 related activities as stipulated in the
annual work plan
 Facilitation of community involvement plan through sensitization meetings to community leaders
(WEO, VEO, Ward Counselors, etc.), influencers, religious leaders, artists, local journalists, and local
media platforms
 Facilitate vaccination activities/outreaches to the targeted communities in all the supported councils
across the four supported regions and military facilities
 Work closely with the RMOs, DMOs, RIVO, and DIVO to facilitate the supportive supervision activities
by RHMTs and CHMTs
 Work closely with the laboratory management to facilitate and oversee the National Laboratory
decentralization plan for COVID-19 PCR diagnostics at Mbeya Zonal Referral Hospital
 Work closely with the laboratory management to facilitate the development of study protocol for Genetic
Sequencing and sentinel surveillance at Mbeya Zonal Referral Hospital in collaboration with the
National Laboratory
 Facilitate training for HJFMRI staff on COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines to increase the vaccine
 Work closely with the regional and council teams to prepare weekly and monthly reports and share them
with the HJFMRI management and the Donor
 Work closely with the Clinical services Program Advisors in addressing the gaps as guided by PEPFAR
in HIV care and treatment programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic
 Work closely with the RMOs and DMOs in supporting COVID-19 case managements by developing
training programs and CMEs to HCWs and providing Oxygen therapy as needed
 Support the development of Standard Operating Procedures for program staff during the COVID-19 era.
Knowledge and qualifications
The applicant MUST have the following minimum qualifications;
1. A Medical Degree with a strong background in Public health
2. Certificate or proof of registration with the medical council of Tanganyika
3. 3-5 years’ experience working with the PEPFAR/USG or any other International Organizations
4. Knowledge and skills in molecular biology, virology, and microbiology in addition to competency in
epidemiology and Public Health
5. Knowledge and skills in computer applications especially Microsoft excel
6. Familiar with the COVID-19 Global and National status, Guidelines, SOPs, and strategies
7. Knowledge and practical experience in implementation of Good Clinical Practices and Quality
Management Systems
8. Excellent Written and Oral communication skills in both English and Kiswahili
Key competencies
1. Ability to work independently and multitask in the work environment.
2. Able to meet deadlines for assigned tasks
3. Transparency, Honesty, Good communication skills, and team player.

Application Instructions

Cover letters and resumes should be sent by mail through post/EMS/DHL/ or any reliable Courier to Senior
Manager, Human Resources, P.O.Box 6396, Mbeya, or sent through e-mail to

NOTE: To be considered, applicants must put the JOB TITLE on the SUBJECT LINE. Applications that are
hand-delivered will not be accepted. The application deadline is November 14th, 2021. As detailed in the job
description(s), those who do not meet the minimum requirements will not be considered

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