Job Title Drivers
Job Profile Under the supervision of the Head of Drivers, ensures his/her safety, transports other authorized passengers, ensures proper
maintenance of the official vehicle, assists with airport formalities on arrival/departure of dignitaries, and performs other duties.
Key performance
Key performance details
Acts as Driver for the
Embassy and
Ensures the safety of
the staff
 Driving the Embassy staff to and from meetings and events in Dar es Salaam and also on field visits in Tanzania.
 Delivering and collecting items such as invitations, notes, messages, and packages;
 Transporting other authorized passengers as may be directed.
 Assuming responsibility for the safety of the Embassy staff and other passengers while they are in or around one of the
official vehicles;
 Advising Embassy staff and other passengers on safety procedures especially in unfamiliar situations or surroundings;
 Monitoring safety risks while driving or accompanying Staff and other passengers, and reacting pre-emptively and defensively
as required;
 Monitoring area safety and utilizing different routes when driving to/from destinations in order to maximize safety of Staff
and other passengers; and
 Keeping confidential all information concerning the Embassy staff programs and any other information about the Embassy
staff and other passengers which the incumbent learns in the course of carrying out their duties
Ensures proper
maintenance of the
official vehicle


 Keeping the official vehicle clean and tidy through normal washing and polishing;
 Maintain first aid kit in the vehicles
 Ensure the Servicing the official vehicle with gasoline, lubricants, coolant and battery electrolyte and performing minor
maintenance tasks and repairs;
 Reporting to the Head of Driver any defects or repairs required in order to keep the official vehicle in proper road condition
and by ensuring that repairs are properly effected; and
 Maintaining log and vehicle records.
 Report to Head of Administration when there is need to arrange timely repairs and service to vehicles
Performs other
duties as instructed
 Assisting dignitaries and others passengers as directed with airport formalities;
 Assisting staff and other passengers in support of official functions;
 Handling e-mail correspondence;
 Using electronic tools (e.g., Internet searches and GPS systems) to optimize transport;
 Preparing and submitting on-line forms; and
 Facilitate immigration and customs formalities for visitors as may be required.
 Maintain assigned vehicles on a day to day basis
 Keep a log of various transport related events
 Maintain and update log book records
 Refill the Embassy and residence generators
 Ensure vehicles are stocked with relevant supplies for all extended journeys/field trips: water, tissues hand sanitizers etc.
 Any other work related duties given by the supervisor
 Assist in the procurement function when requested
 Support to deliver supplies such as drinking water, gas refill and others
 Carrying out other related duties as assigned
Qualification and
required skills
Specifically the following qualifications and competencies are required:
 Hold of National Form IV certificate
 Certified clean driving licence Class C
 Possession of Trade Test Grade II Certificate from VETA or any other reputable institution
 Three years or more in an international organisation as a driver
 Fluency in Kiswahili and English
 A strong knowledge of Tanzania Road Regulations and Laws
 A very good geographical knowledge of Tanzania and of the roads and streets in Dar es Salaam and has performed a driving
function within the city
 Accident-free record for the last three immediate consecutive years.

Applications must be received before 18:00 (local time), on 26 November 2021.

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