i. Qualifications
 A holder of a Master of Medicine (MMed) or equivalent degree with a GPA of 4 or with an
average of B+ grade from a recognized Institution plus a GPA of 3.5 and above from the
undergraduate studies. Must be registered by respective Council/Board.
 Teaching experience of 2 years is an added advantage
ii. General Attributes
 Adherence to professional ethic
 Ability to design set, administer and supervise different assessment items
 Ability to recognize students having difficulties, intervene and provide help and support
 Ability to mark student scripts and course work assessment items and provide feedback
 Computer skills and application
 Ability to prepare and deliver own teaching materials
 Potential to be a good role model and steer students towards dedication to learning, creativity and
problem solving
 Possession of sufficient breadth and depth of specialist knowledge in the relevant discipline and
of teaching methods and techniques to work within own area
 Ability to carry out independent research and provide feedback and
 Ability to supervise research and other knowledge generating and development activities
iii. Duties and Responsibilities
a. Main purpose of the post
 Effective teaching
 Knowledge advancement through research
 Delivery of quality services; and
 Effective realisation of the institution’s mission
iv. Key Functions
 Deliver face to face teaching including lectures, small group tutorials, seminars and bedside
teaching (where appropriate) across a range of backgrounds of students including
undergraduates, postgraduates and Interns.
 Participate in the preparation and organization of the undergraduate and postgraduate core
teaching and assessment programme including organizing journal clubs.
 Develop online teaching material and other online resources.
 Develop and implement new methods of teaching and innovative teaching methods that
encourage student participation and problem solving and a content that reflects changes in
 Participate in curricula reform as necessary in the context of an expanding medical
knowledge. Taking an active part in developing new courses.
 Promote integrated teaching for medical and other students during lectures, tutorials and
clinical teaching.
 Take part in the University examinations by preparing and administering exam questions,
taking part in viva voce as well as marking exam papers and students’ coursework.
 Strive for the holistic development of the student by providing sound knowledge, the highest
analytical ability.
 Instilling in the student the concern for ethical and moral values.
 Undertake a pastoral role – acting as academic advisor to students.
 Conduct high quality research in area of specialization and interest and actively contribute
to the institution’s research profile.
 Take advantage of locally available research funds to conduct research of national priority.
 Pursue to the extent possible external funding.
 Publish at least one paper a year in high impact professional and scientific journals.
 Develop and maintain a competitive research group in a recognized area of research in
health and allied sciences.
 Supervise and guide students as well as junior staff members of the Department in research
projects involving health sciences.
 Develop an educational research portfolio in an area relating to local needs and study for a
higher degree in medical education.
 Disseminate research findings both nationally and internationally.
 Collaborate with colleagues in other institutions of higher learning in research.
C. Clinical Service and Teaching
 Participate in the delivery of services in area of specialization.
 Maintain an active registration to practice medicine as regulated by the Medical Council
and perform clinical duties.
 Ensure in the course of the clinical training of medical and other students that the students:
o Master the art of history taking,
o Master the art of physical examination,
o Can suggest appropriate investigations,
o Carry out simple lab tests in a side room setting,
o Make tentative conclusions and therefore venture a differential diagnosis and possible
o Consider the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to the patient and choose the
most appropriate one,
o Communicate their clinical findings in writing effectively and as appropriate for the needs
of the audience,
o Use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions,
conclusions or approaches to problems,
o Understand the implications of new information for both current and future problemsolving and decision-making,
o Adjust actions in relation to other findings or actions of others,
o Manage one’s own time and the time of others effectively.
 Provide supervision in case assignment to medical students, residents, AMOs including
signing off on charts as necessary.
 Ensure patients under your care are examined properly to obtain information about their
physical and mental condition.
 Ensure appropriate diagnostic tests are ordered.
 Assist students and residents in the interpretation of diagnostic tests indicating their
deviations from normal.
 Assist in making tentative diagnoses and decisions about management and treatment of
patients under your care.
 Ensure record patient medical data, including health history, progress notes and results of
physical examination are obtained, compiled and recorded.
 Provide young physicians with assistance during complicated medical procedures.
 Perform therapeutic procedures that are beyond the competence of doctors under your care.
 Instruct and counsel patients about prescribed therapeutic regimens, and procedures to be
 Visit and observe patients on hospital rounds updating charts and ordering therapy.
 Acts on all cases referred to your care by other service providers within and outside BMC.
 Assist in internal quality control within the area of specialization.
 Provide quality medical care according to standards established by the BMC and CUHAS
committee on quality assurance.
 Be available to participate in providing continuity for hospital in- patient management.
 Conduct and encourage students and junior staff to attend to admission rounds.
 Conduct oneself in a manner that upholds ethical principles befitting of a health provider.
 Participate actively in departmental administrative tasks in areas like student admissions,
induction courses, departmental committees and faculty board meetings when called upon
to do so.
 Manage and supervise junior staff in the Department and be prepared to take up the role of
head of Department when called upon to do so.
 Participate in departmental, professional conferences and seminars, and contribute to these
as necessary.
 Establish collaborative links outside the University with industrial, commercial and public
organizations and institutions of higher learning.
 Make yourself accessible to students and make sure you are available during office hours;
else your whereabouts should be known to peers/Head of Department.
 Make sure you observe University policies and procedures.
 Provide performance appraisal (or confidential) reports timely as may be requested by the
department from time to time.
 Assist in identifying internal and external examiners for courses under your care

All applicants must be Citizens of Tanzania.
Applications must be typed in English.
All application letters must be accompanied with detailed and current Curriculum Vitae, all relevant
certificates and full transcripts. For applicants who have studied outside Tanzania, a certificate of
recognition by TCU must be attached.
Names and valid addresses (and phone numbers or emails) of 3 credible referees must be provided.
The deadline is Friday 14
th December, 2021 at 04:30 pm.
Applications must be addressed and sent to:

P.O. BOX 1464,
Or E-Mail to: vc@bugando.ac.tz

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