Kenya Most Searches on Google in 2020

Kenya Most Searches on Google in 2020 | Google company released the words that are most searches on google in the World 2020.

Kenya is the one of the listed countries, that google shows the most searches words for the past twelve months.

Google has a tendecy of providing such words each year combined with different categories. Some of the categories that are taken includes political news, sports, entertainment and others.

Kenya Most Searches on Google in 2020

List of the Most Searches words by Google in Kenya 2020.

The following are the list of the most visited words in Kenya in 2020 by Google.
1. English Premier League
2. US elections
3. Thank you coronavirus helpers
4. Coronavirus in Kenya
5. Schools reopening in Kenya
6. Tanzania coronavirus
7. Boris Johnson
8. Coronavirus in Italy
9. Waiguru impeachment
10. London marathon

Kenya Most Searches on Google in 2020 | Other Trending Categories


1) Papa Shirandula
2) Kobe Bryant
3) Former President Daniel Moi
4) Former President Daniel Moi
5) Ken Walibora
6) Kenny Rogers
7) Chadwick Boseman
8) Papa Dennis
9) Naya Rivera
10) George Floyd

Trending Global Personalities

1) Joe Biden
2) Kim Jong-Un
3) Kamala Harris
4) Boris Johnson
5) Mike Oliver
6) Prince Charles
7) Felicien Kabuga
8) John Magufuli
9) Mikel Arteta
10) Jack Ma

Trending Health

1) Coronavirus
2) Quarantine
3) Dexamethasone
4) Pfizer
5) Vitamin C
7) Chloroquine
8) Asymptomatic
9) Sanitiser
10) Ventilator

Trending How To (Tech)

1) How to fill Tpad online
2) How to create a website
3) How to connect a phone to TV
4) How to make my electric plate cooker work
5) How to take a screenshot on a laptop
6) How to create a Paypal account
7) How to open bin file
8) How to create a YouTube channel
9) How to save photos on Google
10) How to create an email account

Trending What Is

1) What is coronavirus
2) What is curfew
3) What is happening in Nigeria
4) What is halloween
5) What is fever
6) What is BBI
7) What is my IP
8) What is entanglement
9) What is hantavirus
10) What is quarantine

Trending Musicians

1) Kenny Rogers
2) Ruth Matete
3) Papa Dennis
4) Rhino Kaboom
5) Lady Maureen
6) Willis Raburu
7) Abenny Jachiga
8) Zuchu
9) Otieno Aloka
10) Aurlus Mabele

Trending Movies & TV Shows

1) Money Heist
2) Maria
3) Ringo
4) Extraction
5) Contagion
6) Blood and Water
7) Nazar
8) Raised by wolves
9) The Witcher
10) Cursed

Trending How To (Health)

1) How to make hand sanitiser
2) How to lose weight fast
3) How to get a baby boy
4) how to lose belly fat
5) How to boost immunity
6) How to get rid of pimples
7) How to gain weight
8) How to prevent coronavirus
9) How to get pregnant
10) How to make a mask

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