Make Money Online Watching YouTube Videos

Make Money Online Watching YouTube Videos | Watching YouTube videos is actually one of the hobbies that people love. They use to see all the great contents that thousands of Youtubers out there produce. The thing is, the effort of watching videos on YouTube will help start get paid. Just by finding and watching favorite and enjoyable videos even learning from some of the videos can give you extra income.
There are number of platforms that have special reward programs to give viewers the opportunities to make money online by just watching the videos from YouTube.  You don’t need to have YouTube account to make money on YouTube.
Now the most important question is how to make money by those platforms just by watching YouTube videos. So, yes, if you are looking for a way to make extra money online then watching YouTube videos could be helpful. One of the most platforms you can use to make money online by watching YouTube videos is is URL shortener that rewards the publishers of the shortened links by offering some percent of the advertising revenue. A Publisher will earn money by placing the shortened links through on their blog, forums or by sharing to social networks.

The platform use to advertise the business or product of advertisers for 5 seconds when a visitor clicks on links provided by publisher. The earning will be at least $1.6 for 1000 visits on the link clicked. Some people they claim to make more than $50 a day using AdFly.
Adfly is a one of the top websites of the world and have more than 2 million users registered. They always pay rewards you generated on time. How to Join and Start Making money Online
It is quite easy then also I am writing the steps so that even a novice can also join and start making money posting links on the web

Go to then Click on “Join Now

Make Money Online Watching YouTube Videos

Enter you Name, Username and Email to create your account for free

How to Make Money online
In this step also you need to identify that an account type is Links Shrinker by default and do not change. Then Enter Password to your account to complete the Human Check.

The last step is to agree with terms and conditions then click on ‘Join’

You will receive an email from to confirm your Sign Up in your Email Address. Follow all the instructions given in the email. The whole process will take less than 4 minutes it depends with your speed.
After joining you need starting make money by sharing the links of videos you watched as many as you can.
Anyone who joins the platform can be able to make money from any country in the World. is very simple to use even people that do not know much about computer and internet can do it as well. There is no specific strategy but these ideas can be helpful.

Share links on Social Networks

Find some famous social networks which have not banned links and start posting links shorten it with This will help you reach large audiences and drive traffic to your links you shared.

Post on forums

Most of the forums link jamiiforums in Tanzania allow links in your posts. You need to find a trending topic that is going to be trending for few months at least and link with links. Keep increasing your posts solely then you will see your earnings increasing accordingly

Using Blog or Website

Apart from posting on forums website, you can create your own blog and start posting on your blogs related to your topic. Then people who visit your blog may click links to make your earning grow.
Be patience and continue doing these, then will be able to see dollars and get your first payout from

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