Top 10 Digital Marketing Online Courses

Digital Marketing Online Courses | Digital marketing is the promotion of brands or services in order to connect with potential customers using the internet. It is also called online marketing or web-based advertising. Examples of common digital marketing include, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Content Marketing and others.
The main role of digital marketing is to help brands gain new traffic and sales for business by reaching different people who are looking for the products and services.  This marketing platform can help reach more customers for less money than other marketing methods.
Some business or brands need brand ambassadors and influencers help them spreading the information about their product or service.

This is more applicable in Tanzania where by most public figures with high influence on social media are assigned as brand ambassador by different company. Through assign these social media influencers, their business or services will be connected with people who use their products.
Business owners and students who have interest for marketing and strategy should learn digital marketing. They have to put their energy and mind to gain a better knowledge of Digital Marketing. This will helps them in getting the right skills to be able to face the professional world.

You don’t need a university degree or going to college to get into digital marketing. Even though university degree is a requirement for some companies, but it’s not as important as having good knowledge of digital marketing and how it works.

The Best Online Courses for Digital Marketing

1. Copywriting for Conversions: How to Write Persuasive Content

In this course you will learn to create content that converts into sales from websites, blogs, or social media. This course will teach you how to write online conversion copywriting content.  Copywriting is probably the most important skill you will ever learn if you are a writer or blogger.
The course will help you how to use the power of words to capture attention, generate interest, create desire, and most importantly, to get the results you want
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2. The Strategy of Content Marketing

In this Digital Marketing Online Courses you will learn the core strategies content marketers use to acquire and retain customers profitably.
At the end of the course you will be able to develop, organize and implement a content marketing strategy, analyze and measure the effectiveness of content marketing, write compelling copy, use a strategic framework when writing, and build your professional brand and authority through content marketing.
Also you will be able to put the ideas presented to you into action and build your own personal brand through content marketing.
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3. Digital Media and Marketing Strategy

This course will give you a deeper understanding of core processes of planning a digital marketing campaign and the role of various digital channels in an integrated marketing communication.
From this course also you will learn;

  • Course Overview and Optimizing Your Digital Assets
  • Online and Video Marketing
  • Social and Email Marketing
  • Putting It All Together for Your Digital Plan

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4. Social Media Marketing for Small Business

In this course you will study what it takes to be successful at social media marketing, without a lot of resources or dedicated marketing staff.
Also will learn how to make an action plan that outlines your goals, team, and budget, and find time to implement your ideas.
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5. Become a Digital Marketer

In this course you will learn to create marketing content, use social media to amplify your message, make content discoverable in search, run ad campaigns and advertise on Facebook.
Moreover, you will learn how display and video ads work and how to market with email, and measure and optimize with Google Analytics.
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6. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This course will help you master the basics of digital marketing. With more than 20 modules, you will be able to explore, all created by Google trainers, packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action.
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7. Search Engine Optimization

This course will help you learn SEO in order to rank on top result in commonly browsed search engines, and grow your business exponentially.
It will allows visitors to find your site via terms and topics that speak to them, land on pages designed to answer their questions, and track their journey through your site so you can optimize for a better user experience.
This SEO course will covers the following modules.

  • Introduction & History of SEO
  • keyword research & content planning
  • on-page optimization
  • technical SEO
  • link building
  • results & reporting

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8. Digital Branding and Engagement

This course will teach the way brands communicate with their audiences. You will study also the challenges of managing a digital brand and how rich and compelling content, combined with digital distribution, are integral to brand engagement.
In this course you will cover the following topics;

  • The inter-relationship between paid, owned and earned media
  • Consumer change and how it is altering brand communications
  • Content marketing and how owned content can be distributed across company-owned digital media assets
  • The value of Earned Media which interests your audience

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9. The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1

This course will help you learn step by step how to market a business online from scratch across all the major marketing channels.
In this course you will cover:

  • Market Research.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Copywriting.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • YouTube Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing.
  • App Marketing.
  • Google Adwords.
  • Facebook Ads.
  • Google Analytics.

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10. Advanced Google Analytics

In this course you will study how to use configurations like Custom Dimensions, Custom Metrics, and Event Tracking to collect data that’s specific to your business.
You will also demonstrate more advanced analysis techniques using segmentation, channel reports, audience reports, and custom reports, as well as marketing strategies like remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing that show ads to customers who have visited your website.
This course covers the following topics.

  • Data Collection and Processing
  • Setting Up Data Collection and Configuration
  • Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques
  • Advanced Marketing Tools

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