Top 10 YouTube Topics to Make Money 2023

Are you thinking about making money on YouTube? Well, you’re in luck! There are ten special YouTube topics you can explore to make money, and we’ll also discuss how much money they can bring in through CPM (Cost Per Mille).

Make Money Online

Talk about making money online and give tips. This topic can earn you a good amount of money since people are interested in making money online. Example of the channel for making money online;

  • How to Make Money Online: 113K subscribers
  • Learn to Make Honest Money Online: 209K subscribers
  • Make Money Matt: 525K subscribers
  • Mr. Money: 207K subscribers
  • Mr Reis: 388K subscribers
  • Incognito Money: 162K subscribers
  • Michael Cove: 302K subscribers

Technology and Gadgets

Review the latest gadgets and tech stuff. You can make a decent income in this niche because tech-loving viewers are ready to watch. Example of the channel for Technology and Gadgets;

  • Gadgets 360: 766K subscribers
  • Mrwhosetheboss: 16.5M subscribers
  • New Tech Gadget: 1.78M subscribers
  • Future Tech: 660K subscribers
  • TechZone: 4.49M subscribers
  • YouFact Tech: 848K subscribers
  • Future Tech Gadgets: 173K subscribers
  • GadgetByte: 622K subscribers
  • ben’s gadget reviews: 226K subscribers

Personal Finance

Offer financial advice and tips. This niche can bring in a nice amount of money because people are always looking for ways to manage their finances better. Example of the channel for personal Finance;

  • Marko – WhiteBoard Finance: 967K subscribers
  • Nate O’Brien: 1.31M subscribers
  • Sahil Bhadviya: 438K subscribers
  • Finance With Sharan: 2.25M subscribers
  • Tae Kim – Financial Tortoise: 122K subscribers

Software Reviews

Review different software and apps. You can earn well in this niche, especially if your viewers are tech-savvy. Example of the channel for Software Reviews;

  • AppFind: 572K subscribers
  • Android Superstars: 1.18M subscribers


Play games and show gaming tricks. Gamers have a big fan base, so you can make money, especially if you interact with your viewers during live streams. Example of the channel for Gaming;

  • Royalty Gaming: 4.89M subscribers
  • Total Gaming: 36.3M subscribers
  • MrBeast Gaming: 38.6M subscribers
  • Techno Gamerz: 35.7M subscribers
  • DJ Cook: 2.24M subscribers

Educational Content

Share knowledge on various subjects. You can count on a steady income because people always want to learn new things. Example of the channel for Educational Content;

  • TED-Ed: 19.1M subscribers
  • Khan Academy: 8.04M subscribers

Life Hacks

Teach practical tips for daily life. Life hack channels can make decent money because viewers love learning new tricks. Example of the channel for Life Hacks;

  • 5-Minute Crafts: 80.3M subscribers
  • Troom Troom: 23.8M subscribers
  • Life Hacks & Experiments: 9.49M subscribers

Sustainable Fashion

Promote eco-friendly fashion. Sustainability is trendy, and advertisers are willing to pay well in this niche. Example of the channel for Sustainable Fashion;

  • bestdressed: 3.7M subscribers
  • Bliss Foster: 233K subscribers
  • Tess Christine: 2.3M subscribers

Makeup Tutorials

Show how to do makeup. Makeup channels can earn good money because viewers often buy the products you recommend. Example of the channel for Makeup Tutorials;

  • NikkieTutorials: 14.3M subscribers
  • Manny Mua: 4.85M subscribers
  • Michelle Phan: 8.69M subscribers

Fitness YouTube Channel

Share fitness advice and workouts. Fitness channels can bring in a nice income because people are interested in health and fitness. Example of the channel for Fitness;

  • Pamela Reif: 9.72M subscribers
  • Natacha Océane: 1.65M subscribers
  • growwithjo: 4.86M subscribers

Remember, while these niches can have good CPM, your success also depends on making quality content, engaging with your audience, and staying consistent. Choose a niche you’re passionate about, and you’ll be on your way to creating valuable content and making money on YouTube. Good luck with your YouTube journey!

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